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Our Fundraising Vision

Speech, hearing, and swallowing impairments and communication disorders have a lifelong impact on individuals from many walks of life. It robs many from the basic human desire to understand others, to communicate needs and desires freely and effortlessly, and to eat or drink safely.


The GSHFoundation community consists of highly qualified and deeply dedicated professionals including speech-language pathologists and audiologists and the community they serve. Their work impacts human relationships by improving communication and swallowing functions.

Doing this important work for those who lack resources or lack understanding of these communication disorders requires time, dedication, and access. The GSHFoundation is a liaison who promises to connect the community within Georgia to do such important work and to celebrate those who go above beyond in their efforts to do so.


With your generosity, we will be able to honor outstanding professionals in the field of speech-language pathology and audiology with our grants, scholarships, and awards. Your individual gesture of giving and our collective efforts will improve the quality of life for many Georgians.

2016-17 Auction Donors & Contributors

Bonnie Schaude

Carol Ann Raymond

Edward Ellickson

Eric & Lisa Vayle

Jill Barton

LaBrita Cash-Baskett

LaRae Brown

Lisa McGahan

Muss & Turner

Patrick Finn

Sandra Aubuchon

Sonya Floyd

Sucheta Kamath

Van Michael Salon

Veronica’s Attic

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